Quarterly Program Commentary | October 2017

31 October, 2017

Wayne Gillespie, Director & Senior Portfolio Strategist, discusses how recent events, such as rising interest rates and geopolitical tensions have impacted the markets this quarter. Watch the interview to learn some of the portfolio management... Read More

Women and Wealth

14 September, 2017

By 2026, women in Canada will control close to half of all accumulated financial wealth. What’s driving this shift and how will the planning priorities for women change the face of investment advice in Canada?... Read More

Is Your Corporate Surplus Optimally Invested?

17 May, 2017

Filed Under: Financial Planning

If you’re like many small business owners, you might have a substantial amount of corporate surplus – or surplus cash, or retained earnings – sitting in cash or low-interest vehicles.... Read More

Quarterly Program Commentary | Video with Wayne Gillespie

15 April, 2017

Filed Under: Financial Planning

In this interview, Wayne highlights how the various IPC Private Wealth mandates have performed and the contributors and detractors to performance.... Read More