12 July, 2019

Protecting Through the Good and Bad

IPC Private Wealth Manager Insights

July 2019 PW Manager Insights

Wayne Gillespie, Director & Senior Portfolio Strategist, discusses the continued volatility we’re seeing in the markets, how geo-political events are shaping investor sentiment, and how we protect portfolios through the good and the bad.

May 2019 PW Manager Insights

At our New York Due Diligence conference in May, we asked three of our Investment specialists to share their perspectives for what worked in Q4, and what’s working now. We interviewed Kim Shannon of Sionna, George Fox from Titan, and Dan Elsberry of K2. Watch to learn what they’re doing in their portfolios now, and how they anticipate positioning their portfolios for the rest of the year.

April 2019 PW Manager Insights

In the last quarter, markets have changed as frequently as the weather. Wayne shares the top reasons shaping investor sentiment, equity valuations, and what we’re watching closely.

January 2019 PW Manager Insights

This quarter, Wayne Gillespie, Director & Senior Portfolio Strategist, discusses how recent volatility shaped the sentiment and security of investors, and why a cautiously optimistic mindset is needed for 2019.

At our Toronto Due Diligence conference in January, we asked three of our Investment specialists to share their outlook for 2019. In this four-minute video, managers from Sionna Investment Managers, Lincluden Investment Management, and Mount Lucas Management give us insight into what we might expect in 2019, with a conclusion from Wayne Gillespie, Portfolio Manager, Director, and Senior Portfolio Strategist for IPC Private Wealth.

October 2018 PW Manager Insights

Our Director of Product Management, Paul Davidson, explains the rationale behind the introduction of our new Multi-Strategy Alternatives Mandate, while George Fox and Corrado Russo, managers of the hedge fund and global real estate components, discuss how their mandates fit into the new offering.

May 2018 PW Manager Insights

Boris Kovtunenko from Acadian Asset Management and James Lampard from Lincluden Investment Management share their perspectives on the market, while Wayne Gillespie, Director and Senior Portfolio Strategist weighs in and highlights the value of portfolio construction.